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"Mes histoires de l'art" (de la série "Réminiscences"), 2019





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Book: Dictionnaire illustré d’artistes neuchâtelois contemporains (français/allemand)
Ed. Quartier Général (QG, centre d’art contemporain), La Chaux-de-Fonds, et Editions du Griffon, Neuchâtel, 2018


Website: A website entirely dedicated to Neuchâtel artists and which testifies to the abundance of culture in the canton. It is the online format of the dictionary of eponymous illustrated artists, published in 2018 and initiated by the Quartier Général contemporary art centre.



Inheritance contract with "ART-Nachlassstiftung"



The foundation "ART-Nachlassstiftung" is in charge of high quality bequests of artists whose works are significant for their time and their local and international sphere of influence.